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Chinese Fringe Tree

Chinese Fringe Tree

Chionanthus retusus

BAR CODE#: 0003774882619
  • Easy to grow
  • Works well in any landscape
  • Blooms creamy white flowers in the spring
Chinese Fringe Tree

Chinese Fringe Tree

Chionanthus retusus

  • Produces fragrant, fringe-like blooms in spring
  • Perfect accent tree for small yards
  • Soft green leaves
  • Can create filtered shade to outdoor living spaces
  • Easy care
  • Can tolerate urban pollution
  • Deciduous

The Chinese Fringe Tree is the perfect sized flowering tree for any landscape, especially when there is limited space. Native to China, Korea, and Japan, Chionanthus retusus (botanical name), features soft green leaves and pure-white, fringe-like blossom clusters that open in late spring or early summer. This Fringe tree is a fantastic accent for small yards. They are more wide than tall, so they are ideal for adding filtered shade to areas where a large tree cannot fit.

Flowering trees such as the Chinese Fringe flower tree are a beautiful addition to all kinds of landscapes. People love how easy they are to care for; they will have little to moderate watering needs once established. Plant the Fringe tree in a location with partial to full sun exposure. We recommend feeding it with a general-purpose fertilizer before new growth begins, and feel free to prune in winter.

We like to plant the Fringe tree in groups or as a single specimen near a patio, in a courtyard, or in any small or large yard. These are white flowering trees that look very beautiful when planted against a dark green, evergreen background so that the gorgeous blooms can pop. And, since it can tolerate urban pollution, it is an excellent tree for any city garden.

Did you know that in China, the young leaves of the Fringe tree are used as a substitute for tea? Some leaves are considered to be as fragrant as some of the best green teas!

Visit Moon Valley Nurseries today to see these naturally beautiful small trees for yourself. They have a slow growth rate, so buy as big as you can for an instant, beautiful landscape.


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