Cliff Date Palm

Cliff Date Palm

Phoenix rupicola

  • Prefer and thrive in full sun
  • Cold and heat-tolerant
  • Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant
  • Tropical showstopper
Cliff Date Palm
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Cliff Date Palm

Phoenix rupicola

Welcome to the jungle! From the foothills of the Himalayas comes the Cliff Date Palm, ready to bring its lush, resort-style features into your landscape! These are some of the most tropical of the Phoenix palms, having the greenest leaves of the genus and a look that brings a little slice of paradise home. In the Himalayan Mountains, you’ll see these graceful palms thriving among cliffs and rocks, and here in Southern California, you’ll see specimens adding an exotic look to beautiful areas throughout the region. We love to plant them along driveways, lining streets, or poolside – these palm trees can bring the look of the tropics no matter where planted!

Phoenix rupicola is classified as near threatened but is totally worth seeking out! Here’s the good news, if you’re looking for these rare, harder-to-find palms, you can find healthy specimens in a variety of sizes, right here at Palm Paradise! Palm enthusiasts, landscapers, and homeowners alike can all visit us and rest easy knowing that ours are the best quality palms anywhere! We have been growing premium quality palm trees for over 20 years, from our premium quality stock! No one else nurtures these and does what we do – we assure their quality!

Cliff Date Palms can grow to be medium-sized palms with pinnate fronds that soften every landscape. We love the way they look lit up with nighttime landscape lighting, creating a majestic silhouette that sets the wow factor on high! It’s easy to care for and likes to grow in an area where it can receive full sun exposure or partial shade. Once established, it requires low to moderate water use. Watch it explode with growth and help it maintain its good looks using our Super Palm Juice, the best fertilizer that will optimize the performance of all palm varieties.

Bigger specimens will bring a natural maturity to any site, so let us do all the work, and you can come home to your tropical paradise when complete! Palm Paradise can do it all – design, delivery, digging, and planting!

Fun fact: The fruits of this palm are considered to be a sweet treat for birds!

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