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Coral Fountain

Coral Fountain

Russelia equisetaformis 'Coral'

  • Small to medium shrub with graceful, flowing branches that grow from the ground like a grass
  • Bright coral red trumpet-shaped blooms cover the tips of the branches in waves.
  • Tolerates and thrives in a wide range of soil conditions
  • Beautiful accent for gardens, rock settings, beds and pots
Coral Fountain

Soft, weeping rush like branches rise up from the ground with very tiny bright green leaves and cascade towards the ground with bright coral trumpet-shaped flowers. Also known as Firecracker Plant, this colorful shrub grows well in sun to mostly shade.

It has proven to be very tolerant of desert, alkaline soils and recovers quickly from even the coldest of winters.

Prune in late winter before new growth emerges for the softest, freshest appearance all through the year.

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