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Coral Tree

Coral Tree

Erythrina spp.

  • Beautiful, showy tropical flowers
  • Several variations available
  • Official city tree of Los Angeles
  • Attracts Hummingbirds
  • 48,000 TREES IN STOCK

Southern California has a nearly ideal climate for growing the Coral tree. Native to the warmer regions of the world, the brilliant display of orange and scarlet flowers have made it widely popular among Southern Californians. The Coral Tree is the official city tree of Los Angeles and can be found in gardens and parks throughout Southern California.

The Coral Tree is a great addition to any landscape as a companion or focal point because of their variety of appearances. These beauties can be grown as massive trees or as shrubby, thinly branched plants that only reach several feet tall. With over 100 species of the Coral tree available around the world, this brilliant tree is a great option for any landscape enthusiast looking to add some very attractive color.

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