Queen Palm Trees

Double Stake Your Trees

Staking provides young or newly planted trees and palms with much needed support until their anchor roots and feeder roots and fully established and the trunks are strong enough to support their canopy weight during high winds. It is recommended that you always double stake any newly planted tree throughout the first couple growing seasons to allow the anchor roots to fully take hold to their new home.

High winds that can shift the trees will damage the roots underground by breaking them and putting the trees into shock, double staking help prevent this by allowing the trees to sway with the wind but no more than is necessary. If you have trees or palms that have been damaged by high winds, it is never too late to stake those as well. It is also recommended that you apply Super Charged Moon Juice to any tree that is showing signs of shock after storms. Moon Juice will help the root system begin to regrow and will give your trees and palms the necessary nutrients to pull through the new stress that your trees have experienced. Click on the image in order to print and save a copy for quick reference, you can also click here to read more about the benefits that Super Charged Moon Juice can offer your newly planted trees or those effected by high winds.

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