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When you choose Moon Valley Nurseries, you can be confident that you’re getting the best trees in the world. Our trees are ethically and responsibly grown on our owned and operated farms. As America's largest box tree grower, we take pride in our 19 farms spanning over 2,500 acres.

Soil, Selection, and Irrigation

Our dedication to quality and sustainability begins with the soil. We craft custom soil blends using recycled planting boxes and local soil enriched with micro and macro nutrients tailored to the specific needs of various tree species.

Selecting the right cuttings and seeds to grow is easy when you have proven Mother Trees that have stood the test of time. Our horticulturists hand select and plant each product we grow, ensuring a high survival rate and optimal soil ratio. Every step in the growing process—from container size to the next—a Moon Valley Nurseries tree spends roughly 40% longer in each step to ensure a strong and healthy plant by the time it is planted in our client's landscape.

Our automated irrigation systems are designed to deliver the perfect amount of water to each tree species based on their specific needs. This automated system ensures that the water used is not wasted by reducing water runoff and oversaturation and improving overall plant health.

Environmental Stewardship

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just growing trees. In 2023 alone, we sequestered 159,799 MT CO2-e through our farm operations - that is roughly 10x the amount of our carbon emissions. We are continually innovating to ensure our practices are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our waste management practices are vital to our growth and success. We collect green waste from all of our retail and farm locations and process it into mulch and compost to grow future trees and plants from. Our wooden tree boxes are stripped of metal and turned into mulch if they cannot be reused of refurbished.

To meet the needs of the environments we live in, we prioritize sustainable climate-friendly trees. Roughly 63% of the trees and plants we sell is dedicated to low water use, desert adapted trees, and fruit and citrus trees.

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