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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus lyrata

BAR CODE#: 3774882619
  • Good for hedges, screens, foundation planting
  • Grows well in pots and containers
Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ficus lyrata

  • An excellent indoor specimen plant
  • Can be a large evergreen tree in its native habitat
  • Good in a decorative pot
  • Large, glossy dark green leaves

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is native to tropical Africa and is a favorite for use as an indoor houseplant largely in part because of its dramatical structural form and their huge, glossy dark-green, fiddle-shaped leaves that add a tropical splash to any room! They are also known by their botanical name, Ficus lyrata, and they have been a popular house plant for decades. They can grow to be a large evergreen tree in its native habitat of the tropical rainforest, however, here in Texas, they do not usually get that big, so they are perfect for planting in groups along the edge of property lines. They also make an excellent shade tree, so we also like to plant a specimen in the middle of a yard. Feel free to grow them in a decorative pot, where they are ideally suited for patios!

There is no doubt that the Ficus Fiddle Leaf is an excellent indoor plant, so if you use them indoors, be aware that they do not tolerate direct sun. Outdoors is where the Ficus lyrata can truly shine, especially in a spot with full sun to partial shade exposure. Once established, they have low to moderate water requirements, and these are low maintenance trees that keep their showy characteristics all year long.

Moon Valley Nursery is the grower with the best-looking and healthiest Ficus Fiddle Leaf trees in Texas. We have been growing and nurturing them for over 20 years from premium quality specimens so that we can assure their quality. Visit any of our nurseries throughout Houston and handpick the perfect Fiddle Leaf Ficus tree for indoor or outdoor use!

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