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Giant Agave

Giant Agave

Agave salmiana

  • Full sun
  • Drought tolerant once established
Giant Agave

The Giant Agave is a succulent plant originally from Mexico. This evergreen agave is a real showstopper in any yard thanks to its unique size compared to other agave varieties. It gets its name because it can grow around 5 feet high and twice as wide, making it the perfect focal plant for your landscape.

This ornamental succulent grows thick, grey-green leaves that curve out and give a blooming-type aesthetic that shoots out from the base of the agave. The Giant Agave also has a slow-growing stalk that grows vertically and may bloom with yellow flowers.

Giant Agave Basic Care

Giant Agave is great for any landscape style and thrives in drought-tolerant environments. This agave can thrive in partial to full sun and doesn’t need much water. Once established, they have even lower water needs. The Giant Agave can be pruned to fit the desired look for the landscape.

Giant Agave Landscape Uses

Due to how large it grows compared to other succulents, it’s the perfect plant to create a focal point in your desert or low-water landscapes. It also fits perfectly in a tropical landscape to add depth around palm trees and tropical shrubs. The Giant Agave is a versatile plant that can fit anywhere. The best part about the Giant Agave is its ability to be planted all year long in our region.

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