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Good Luck Tree

Good Luck Tree

Cordyline fruticosa

  • Cold and heat tolerant
  • Can be grown indoors
Good Luck Tree

Good Luck Tree

Cordyline fruticosa

  • Other common names include Ti Plant, Cabbage Tree
  • In ancient Hawaii, was once thought to have great spiritual power
  • In some areas of the tropics, they're planted to bring good fortune
  • Cold hardy and can take a lot of heat
  • Brightly colored leaves
  • Can be used as stunning houseplants to purify the air inside your home

We have big Good Luck Trees available, Cordyline fruticosa, so if you're looking for a stunning tropical plant that was once thought to have great spiritual power, you've come to the right nursery! Native to tropical Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands including Hawaii, these very showy plants are prized for their foliage, which can paint any landscape with vibrant colors such as green, red, pink, purple, white or variegated leaves! We like to plant them where they can be admired by anyone, such as near walkways and entries or next to a swimming pool as part of a tropical backyard retreat. Plant them anywhere dramatic color is needed and add instant curb appeal all year long!

These are really beautiful plants and perfect for both for large and small areas. Cordyline houseplants are wonderful too, so if you're looking for a tropical plant with a lot of style, buy a smaller size plant and place it in a well-lit room in the house. Caring for them is easy, they love to grow in a spot where there is full sun or partial shade exposures and once established, will have low to moderate water requirements.

Cordyline Good Luck plants can add a splash of color into any landscape. They can be used as the perfect complement to a wide range of tropical trees and plants, including palm trees. Ask us how! Come visit any of our huge Moon Valley Nurseries locations and we can pick the perfect plants, trees and more for the perfect spot in your yard!

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