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Gopher Plant

Gopher Plant

Euphorbia rigida

  • Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant
  • Low maintenance
  • Full sun
Gopher Plant

Gopher Plant

Euphorbia rigida

Gopher Plant also called Silver Spurge is an upright growing small shrub that is a beautiful tint of blue-green that blooms a bright yellow bloom in late winter to early spring. These succulent Euphorbia species have tight spirals of thick leaves that go up the stems of the plant almost creating arm like outreaches that spread in the planting area. These are a very water-wise and fire-wise plant choice and grow well in full sun to partial shade. Gopher Plant is also extremely hardy, handling hot full day sun to freezing temperatures in the winter.

These plants are quick growers reaching upwards of 3 feet wide by 2 feet tall. These work well in many planting scenerios from pots, rock gardens, desert landscapes, poolscapes and more. The Gopher Plant's natural spreading makes these a great plant for hill sides as well, plant where ever shorter burst of color are desired.

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