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Achieving Beautiful Properties: When to Plant

We Know Ecosystems in Arizona, Nevada, California, Florida, and Texas

Planting a tree is one of the best ways to help the planet, but the process comes with some pitfalls. While trees are resilient species, a young one requires nourishing to reach a healthy, mature size. Before you plant your new tree, it helps to understand some of the general rules. Unfortunately, even the most qualified experts differ on when it is best to plant your tree. Some say planting in the fall allows the tree to grow easier. However, proponents of spring planting say it utilizes an entire summer of growth. Fortunately, Moon Valley Nursery has years of experience planting trees. Our experts can guide you toward a successful planting and help you decide when to plant your new tree.

When to Plant: Deciduous vs. Evergreen Trees

The first determining factor is simple: Are you planting a deciduous or evergreen tree? Deciduous trees – like elm or oak trees – shed leaves in the fall. At that point, they no longer require the same amount of water to grow. However, planting an evergreen tree poses other challenges. Trees must provide their leaves with plenty of water to grow. Evergreen trees never lose their pines. For that reason, they lose water throughout the winter. While schools of thought vary on deciduous trees, you should never plant a pine tree in the fall because it is too tricky to retain moisture.

Understanding the Role You Play in a Growing Tree

The property owner also plays an influential role in the health of their trees. Young trees require some help to succeed. When do you garden? Those in the habit of hibernating from regular gardening when the leaves transform to browns and reds should plant in the spring. If you plant in the fall, you must water it until the ground freezes. However, if you don't mulch or want to water the tree, plant it in the spring when the rain will take care of watering for you.

Choosing a Planting Season with Winter in Mind

When the seasons change and the ground freezes, winter is here. With the cold season comes new challenges for trees across the country. Mature trees survive due to nature’s built-in advantages. They have plenty of time to replenish themselves with water, so they do not suffer once the weather turns. The first winter is different. We have locations in Nevada, Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas. In each of these states are vastly different climates, from swampland to deserts. When you plant will ultimately depend on the environment. Florida, for instance, sees plenty of rainfall and temperatures that rarely drop into the 50s. The deserts are arid and warm. Portions of California and Nevada are mountainous and experience winter temperatures.

The Arguments for Planting a New Tree During Spring

We are swamped during the spring months, and that's how we like it. It is no surprise that many experts choose to plant a new tree during these months. The climate is ripe for tree growth, there is plenty of rain, and the trees can feed while preparing for winter. Beneath the surface, roots can grow and expand over the summer, which cannot happen as quickly when the ground is dry and cold. One of the most significant downsides of fall planting is it forces the tree to grow its roots and leaves simultaneously, which is stressful.

Why You Can Skip Summer and Plant in the Fall

Roots can grow even if there are no leaves on the tree. While warmer and wetter conditions are best for leaf growth, the colder and dryer fall season is best for root growth. If you plant your new tree in the fall, it will grow roots and slow down during winter. However, when spring arrives, it will begin growing leaves and roots simultaneously aided by plenty of rainfall.

How Do I Know When to Build My Garden?

We don't merely help our customers understand when to plant just their trees. A firm grasp on planting calendars is just as critical for plants, herbs, vegetables, and flowers. A flourishing garden is a badge of honor for every gardening enthusiast. We're here to help you be the best-looking house on the block. The most important thing to consider is the frost date. Frost is deadly to young plants, so it is critical to plant well before the frost date. This way, the plant has time to reach maturity. We can help determine your zone's average frost date and choose the best plants, herbs, or vegetables for your region.

Beautiful Your Property and Eat Deliciously Year-Round

At Moon Valley Nursery, we believe in providing comprehensive services to our customers. We hope you are as passionate about planting as we are. But even if trees and plants aren’t a hobby for you, there is still enormous value in planting. Purchasing a tree will help you do your part in cleaning the air and improving the environment. A few well-placed flowers can make your home or business more inviting. A home garden gives you ready access to all the vegetables and fruits you need for delicious meals.