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Hybrid Fan Palm

Hybrid Fan Palm

Washingtonia hybrid

  • Unique, reduced height fan palm
  • Very durable palm. Cold hardy and loves full sun!
  • Hybrid of the California Fan Palm and the Mexican Fan Palm
  • Rapid, yet controlled growth rate
  • 140,000 PALMS IN STOCK NOW
Hybrid Fan Palm

Hybrid Fan Palm

Washingtonia hybrid


Featuring the classic California style fan palm appearance, this hybridized version tends to grow at a more controlled rate, with a more tapered trunk and ultimately reaching a reduced height when compared to other varieties of fan palms. Skin the trunks for a crisp, cigar cut appearance or leave natural for a more informal look. This hybrid fan palm is very cold hardy for our region yet will thrive in the most intense summer heat! Plant in groups of varying height for maximum tropical effect.

Another one of its notable characteristics is its crown of large, fan-shaped, bright green fronds with shorter leafstalks. Hybrid Fan Palms are great for use as taller focal points in a palm-centric landscape. They are fast growing, making them an excellent choice for beachside planting and coastal areas. Thanks to its grand, statuesque appearance, and spectacular fronds, homeowners may want to install night lighting to highlight its attractive features.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we grow and nurture small to large Hybrid Fan Palms on our farms, so if you are looking to add an instant tropical, resort-style look to your landscape, buy as big as you can. Let us do all the work. We have an experienced planting crew ready to plant these palm trees in your landscape, no matter what application you choose.

Be sure to use Moon Valley Nurseries Super Charged Moon Juice and All Natural Planting Mulch for spectacular results. You buy it, we plant it!™

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