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Italian Stone Pine

Italian Stone Pine

Pinus pinea

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  • Unusual when compared to traditional pine trees
  • Stout, bushy pine with an umbrella shaped head when mature
  • A great landscape tree!
  • Does well in full sun on well-drained soil
Italian Stone Pine

Italian Stone Pine

Pinus pinea

The Italian Stone Pine, botanical name Pinus pinea, is a beautiful, large evergreen tree and also one of the only pines with a canopy that resembles an umbrella. From the Mediterranean, this is an excellent pine for beach gardens and coastal planting, as well as for use as a street tree. While it's an excellent evergreen tree for a wide variety of landscape applications, it's an especially good choice for homeowners looking to create a Mediterranean landscape. It features stiff needles that are bright green to gray-green, adding a nice landscape element.

This Italian Stone Pine is drought tolerant and performs well when planted in full sun. A dry pine, it's a moderate grower and will require low to moderate water requirements once it's established. Plant near roadsides or in a large open area. When mature, the top is broad and flat topped and able to create a comfortable shady area for a nice picnic spot. Be sure to buy a mature tree if you desire an Italian Stone Pine with its distinctive umbrella shape. Due to its moderate growth rate, buy as big as you can! Moon Valley Nurseries offers vibrant, mature specimens ready to thrive in your landscape.

Birds are attracted to this graceful giving tree. In fact, if you love pine nuts, then you know how expensive they can be. Plant a thriving Italian Stone Pine and save money - it's the source of the edible, nutritious pine nut! Fun fact: this is the pine depicted in many of the famous Italian Renaissance paintings.

Homeowners looking for a unique evergreen tree for their landscape will love the graceful branches and characteristics of this stout and bushy pine. Italian Stone Pines have grown around the Mediterranean for more than 2000 years, and you can have one of these ancient trees in your landscape, too!

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  1. soil notes
    I planted an Italian stone in very sandy soil and it grew very quickly, i have one in clay soil 5 years ago at 2 ft tall currently, and it is taking much longer. it is about 4" tall now

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