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Japanese Yew

Japanese Yew

Taxus cuspidata

BAR CODE#: 3774882619
  • Lower maintenance & easy to grow!
  • Drought tolerant
  • Safety Information
Japanese Yew

Japanese Yew

Taxus cuspidata

  • Versatile evergreen
  • Landscape uses include Foundation planting, Hedge, Mass planting, and Specimen
  • Attractive, dark green, needle-like foliage
  • A wonderful companion to colorful plants and vines
  • Tolerates pruning well. Can take different shapes such as flat-topped or pyramidal.
  • Tolerates drought
  • Easy care

The Japanese Yew, Taxus cuspidata, is native to Japan and looks at home in landscapes in our area. This versatile evergreen has attractive, dark green, needle-like foliage on dense branches. In the winter, bright red flesh fruit can appear and create a beautiful contrast with the foliage.

We like to use this versatile evergreen in foundation planting. They are the perfect companion to colorful plants and vines, too. Its dense branching and shape make it an excellent plant for a variety of landscape uses. They are useful as a hedge and growing as a specimen. Mass planting them can add a splash of greenery to any yard! This ornamental can be a shade tree and grows well in urban conditions.

We like to plant Japanese Yew in a location that gets plenty of full sun exposure. They will require low to moderate water once established. These are easy care plants that offer year-round interest. Feed them with a general-purpose fertilizer before the new growth begins in spring. Visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location to purchase fertilizer that is specially created for where you live. Keep this Taxus cuspidata looking neat by shearing it to shape once a year.

Interested in the Japanese Yew? At Moon Valley Nurseries, we custom-grow them in our local climate so that they will thrive in our area. We have them available in a variety of sizes. Visit your nearest location and allow our nursery pros to help you pick the perfect plant for the perfect spot in your yard! Professional landscape design consultations are available!

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