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Japanese Zelkova

Japanese Zelkova

Zelkova serrata

BAR CODE#: 3774882619
  • Large Shade Canopy
  • Drought tolerant
  • Full sun
Japanese Zelkova

Japanese Zelkova

Zelkova serrata

The Japanese Zelkova, is a visually appealing, large shade tree featuring a vase-shaped form and a rounded crown that adds beauty and interest to any landscape in no time at all! It's noted for its stunning autumn foliage, where green leaves turn yellow, copper, orange or deep red to purplish-red in the fall, creating a showy display that you have to see to believe! Native to Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, Zelkova serrata is a moderate to fast growing deciduous tree with a spreading canopy that offers seasonal dense shade to match its beautiful characteristics! We love to plant them as a street tree, specimen tree and in the summer, they are great for blocking sunlight and unwanted views!

Tolerant to drought, wind and air pollution, the Japanese Zelkova tree is a nice option for use in a variety of locations throughout the Houston area, from urban to suburban and rural areas! This tree loves to grow with full sun exposure and once established, requires low to moderate water use. Since it's a very adaptable and tolerant tree, it's a great choice for anyone in our area that is looking for a wide reaching seasonal shade tree that adds instant curb appeal! It's a great choice for modern landscapes too and fits quite well with a wide range of trees, shrubs and other plants!

Moon Valley Nurseries is the largest box tree grower in the United States, so be sure to visit any of our nurseries if you're looking for a bigger specimen! Our huge inventory includes Japanese Zelkova trees in a variety of sizes, grown and nurtured by our experienced nursery pro's and only grown from our own premium quality specimens.

Let us do the work. With our professional planting and delivery service, we can get any size order planted straight into your landscape!

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