Katy Apricot

Katy Apricot

Prunus armeniaca 'Katy'

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  • Full sun
  • Blooms for beautiful spring color
  • Fast grower
  • Winter hardy tree
Katy Apricot

Katy Apricot

Prunus armeniaca 'Katy'

  • Large, sweet apricot
  • Great for producing in low altitude conditions
  • One of the earliest ripening fruits
  • Freestone
  • Self-fruitful
  • Winter hardy tree
  • Low-chill fruit tree

Get ready to enjoy a sumptuous harvest of sweet tasting apricots when you plant this highly productive Katy Apricot tree! With your own fruit orchard, you'll know exactly where your fruit comes from and you'll be able to save money, too. Also, homegrown apricots always taste better than store bought. The Katy apricot trees get extra bonus points because they have an early ripening nature. Once this tree is covered in fruit, you'll be able to pick and enjoy straight off the tree or use them for desserts, canning, making jams and jellies or dried fruit. Be a good neighbor and share your bounty with friends and family!

Katy Apricot trees can grow to be medium sized and we recommend trimming to your desired height to make it easier for anyone to pick the harvest. They have a fast growth rate and love to grow in an area that gets plenty of full sun exposure. There is no denying that these are great trees to have in your backyard. Attractive vibrant green foliage and large, red-blushed fruit adds a nice splash of color into any landscape. Plant a few near windows and you can enjoy the fragrance of the springtime bloom of white flowers.

If you're concerned about pesticide use on fruit, grow your own and do it your way. Grow organic apricots and you'll feel good about feeding them to your family. At Moon Valley Nurseries we have the trees you want for an edible landscape all custom-grown on our farms and nurseries. Our professional planting and delivery service will get any sized order planted and treated with our specialized Supercharged Moon Juice and Moon Dust fertilizer to get your plants growing just right!

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