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Liriope spicata

  • Partial sun
  • Low water-use


Liriope spicata

  • Also known as the Creeping Lily Turf, Monkey Grass, Creeping Liriope, Lilyturf
  • Small tropical accent
  • Clumping grass effect
  • Purple blooms Spring & Fall
  • Prefers afternoon shade

Liriope or Creeping Lily Turf grows fast with a clumping grass effect that makes it an excellent choice for use in a border or as a fast-spreading plant for ground cover. From East Asia, Liriope spicata blooms purple flowers from late spring to fall and contrast beautifully with the dark green foliage color. We like to plant them in Asian/Zen themed landscape designs, where they add the right touch underneath trees or around other shrubs. These look excellent in a bed surrounded by hardscape or used in edging.

Liriope is a vigorous evergreen that likes to grow in a location that receives partial sun exposure. Anyone looking for an easy-care plant with showy flowers is sure to appreciate this plant. They require low to moderate water use once established, and once the flowers are in bloom, it is easy to see why these are such as an excellent choice for a flower cutting garden. These are also pet-friendly plants, so feel at ease when your pets are frolicking near them.

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