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Mastic Hedge

Mastic Hedge

Pistacia lentiscus

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  • Clean heat tolerant tree
  • Casts cool shade perfect to place nearby pools or patio
  • Low water use tree.
  • Contains green foliage all year long
Mastic Hedge
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Mastic Hedge

Pistacia lentiscus

Mastic trees, Pistacia lentiscus, are medium-sized trees useful as a 'living fence' for privacy and can be a big part of a neighborhood noise filter solution thanks to its thick, year-round canopy. Their hedge quality is only one of the many things that make this tree so attractive. Native to the Mediterranean, this evergreen tree thrives in the heat with little or no water. In fact, once established, it needs no water! This extreme drought tolerance, as well as its ability to tolerate any soil condition, makes it a top choice for a wide range of landscapes across the Western United States.

A very slow grower, we recommend buying as big as you can for instant curb appeal and value. Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing Mastic Trees on our farms for decades, ready to thrive in your landscape! We grow and nurture trees ready to enhance any environment.

Fun fact: this ancient tree is mentioned in the Bible and its resin has been used as gum, balm and can be utilized for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Maintenance-free, Mastic trees do not litter, so feel free to plant around swimming pools and water fountains. It's also a tree with year-round appeal. The green foliage contrasts nicely with the red stems, and its inedible seeds go from red to black as they ripen. Need a place in your yard to cool off during those hot and sunny days. This tree can cast thick shade as it grows, so it's a good choice for adding a cool shady spot to the hottest place in your yard.

Mastic trees are common as shrubs, hedges, or tree forms. No matter how you use this cold hardy beauty, it's sure to enhance your property. Speak with a Moon Valley Nurseries professional for placement ideas. Be sure to plant with our line of Moon Valley Nurseries fertilizers for spectacular results! You buy it, we plant it!

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