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Mexican Fence Post

Mexican Fence Post

Pachycereus Marginatus

Native to Mexico, this post-style Cactus grows multiple long stems straight from the base. Small pink flowers will form along the cacti's ridges for added spring color.

Mexican Fence Post

The Mexican Fence Post is one of the most attractive and cleanest looking cacti available. The tall stems branch out from the cactus base to form a fence-like cluster of tall, cylindrical 'posts', usually with 5 or 6 pronounced ridges. Along these ridges run symmetrical rows of small white thorns that make the Mexican Fence Post look striped from a distance. The Mexican Fence Post also produces a wonderful pink to light-red flower that adds great seasonal color to your landscape. Because it is native to the sub-tropical areas of Mexico, the Mexican Fence Post requires more irrigation, usually weekly, during our hot summers to perform its best.

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