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Modesto Ash Specimen

Modesto Ash Specimen

Fraxinus velutina 'Modesto'

BAR CODE#: 3774882619
  • Cold Hardy and heat resistant - ideal for Western landscapes
  • Large and very fast-growing Ash
  • Very popular shade tree in residential, commercial, or lawn applications
  • Similar to the popular Arizona Ash
Modesto Ash Specimen

Modesto Ash

Fraxinus velutina 'Modesto'

  • An ideal shade tree for hot climates!
  • Attractive velvety green leaves
  • Deciduous shade tree with fall color of bright yellow leaves
  • Fast growth rate and low maintenance requirements
  • Cold hardy, heat resistant, and drought-tolerant
  • Grown from our premium cuttings rather than by seed


Modesto Ash trees can grow to be majestic shade trees with glossy green leaves that turn to a bright golden yellow in the fall! The deciduous nature of these trees let the warmth of the sun in during winter and cast plenty of shade when the temperatures start to heat up in the summer!

This cultivar was developed in Merced, California, and is valued for its glossy foliage and broad spreading crown. They also have a fast growth rate, and we like to plant them in any landscape as a streetside tree where they are sure to add curb appeal to your home!

The Modesto Ash thrives in a location with full sun exposure. These popular fast-growing shade trees are cold hardy and heat resistant, making them a great shade tree choice for our region! Modesto Ash are deciduous trees with bright yellow-gold fall color, which means they will let the warmth of the sun in during the winter and cast a wide umbrella of shade just in time for the summer!

A perfect tree for any Southwest landscape, they are drought-resistant once established with little to moderate water requirements. These Ash trees benefit from monthly routine fertilization from early spring to late summer to help push more of their incredible soft green foliage.

They are easy to care for trees with little pruning or trimming needs but can benefit from subtle shaping to help the overall canopy height and width fit your yard and landscape goals.

We like to plant Modesto Ash trees as focal points in the yard, along driveways, along property borders, or anywhere you need hardy shade and great fall foliage! When planted in rows, they also are one of the best trees for privacy and windscreens.

Of course, you can always visit our nurseries and see our big Modesto Ash trees for sale that are ready to bring you all the benefits and year-round color that a mature tree can add to your yard! We have them available in any size you could want!

Our nursery pros are happy to help you select the perfect trees for your landscape. All our trees, palms, hedges, plants, and cacti are locally grown in our climate and soil to ensure an easy and successful transition to your yard.

Our professional planting crews make sure your trees and plants are ready to thrive and we guarantee everything we plant for you! From our farms to your yard, nobody does it better! For the best trees on Earth, go straight to the Moon!

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