Moon Micro Boost

Moon Micro Boost Instructions

Essential Tree & Plant Nutrients

Our Moon Micro Boost™ supplies all of your trees, palms, plants, lawn, and more with a hearty helping of custom-blended plant food and micronutrients. This enriched formula helps to boost the health, vigor, and performance of all plant material, while also helping to amend poor soils, and allow for higher nutrient uptake in your trees’ and plants’ root systems.

Our Moon Micro Boost™ contains Furst®-Class Concentrate, a liquid that stimulates root hair growth in all trees and plants, allowing them to soak up more essential nutrients. Furst Liquid also triggers the growing processes in your plants that cause them to become hardier and more resilient to environmental, disease, or pest-related stressors.

Why: Nutrients are consistently needed for many vital aspects of tree and plant growth. Moon Micro Boost™ helps with efficient photosynthesis, optimizing foliage color & density, and maximizing aesthetic appeal.

How often do I fertilize: Moon Micro Boost™ is designed to be deployed when a tree or plant's appearance indicates a possible deficiency of any of the micro-nutrients it utilizes. Moon Micro Boost™ can be applied at any time by itself or as a supplement between regular fertilizing with Moon Dust™, It's also ideal and safe for summer and winter application in warm regions as it provides essential nutrients without the possibility of burning or instigating out of season growth. Use anytime as directed but never more than once per month.

How much: Measure the diameter (distance across, not around) the trunk of the tree at a point approximately 2 feet from the ground. For all trees, fertilizer should be applied at a rate of one-half cup per inch of tree trunk diameter. Example: If the tree is 4 inches across, 2 cups of fertilizer should be applied. Not to exceed 4 cups. For all shrubs, apply 1/2 to 1 cup for each plant depending on size.

Where: Once you've determined the correct amount (not to exceed 4 cups), simply spread the fertilizer evenly underneath the entire tree or plant (see the diagram). Do Not allow the fertilizer to pile up against the trunk or branches at or near ground level.

tree graphic

Water: Water all trees and plants immediately after fertilizing. Using a hose to saturate the entire fertilized area is recommended to dissolve the product and improve the fertilizer's availability.

Easy to Use!

Directions for Use:

  1. Measure and/or estimate the distance across the tree or shrub's trunk to determine how much fertilizer is needed.
  2. Apply the fertilizer evenly under the entire tree or plant. DO NOT allow the fertilizer to pile up against the trunk or low-hanging branches.
  3. Water all trees and plants immediately after fertilizing to dissolve the product and improve nutrient absorption at the root level.
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