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Mulga Acacia

Mulga Acacia

Acacia aneura

BAR CODE#: 0003774882619
  • Large evergreen bush to smaller sized shade tree
  • Yellow caterpillar-shaped blooms in March, June, and September
  • Australian native is well adapted to desert conditions
  • Fern style foliage provides soft and filtered shade
Mulga Acacia

Mulga Acacia

Acacia aneura

  • Other common name is Mulga Wattle
  • A long-lived tree (can live to be more than a century old!)
  • Water-wise tree and a perfect choice for any size yard
  • Great choice for any xeriscape landscape design
  • Can be used as a privacy screen

The Mulga Acacia is one of the most versatile water-wise trees used in landscape designs throughout the Southwest. Their botanical name is Acacia aneura, and these fascinating trees are native to Australia, where they can be found growing in dry regions, so they are naturally well-suited for desert environments.

Mulga Acacias are adorned with small gray/silvery leaves and offer gorgeous seasonal yellow blooms that can transform any yard with picturesque beauty. This evergreen tree is the perfect choice where a smaller tree can fit as an accent and is ideal for shading a confined area!

Mulga Acacias are uniquely sized and shaped trees, so we like to plant them in clusters where they can be used as a privacy screen, or used as a smaller free-standing tree. They love full sun exposure and can grow very quickly with very little maintenance! Once established, this Mulga tree will have low to moderate water needs.

Anyone looking for a low-water-use landscaping plant will love Mulga Acacia for its attractive foliage and bloom. And if you want a smaller tree that's great for poolside planting, a Mulga tree is an excellent choice! For additional guidance on where to plant these trees, we recommend taking advantage of our professional landscape design consultations available for free at our nurseries and for a small fee at your location!

Visit us today, and we will be glad to help you handpick the perfect Mulga Acacia tree for the perfect spot in your yard! And with free planting available on all box sized trees, it cannot get any easier to beautify your landscape!

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