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Orange Jubilee Tree

Orange Jubilee Tree

Tecoma alata

  • Fast-growing large shrub with a large cluster of orange trumpet blooms
  • Loves the sun and blooms all summer and fall
  • Fairly drought tolerant and sun hardy
  • Use for screens, hedges, and along walls and borders
Orange Jubilee Tree

Orange Jubilee is noted for the fast-growing, reaching branch structure with bright orange flowers. They can reach 10 to 12 ft high with long leggy branches. Trim occasionally to keep them full and well behaved. Plant Orange Jubilee where they will receive at least half a day of sun and soil with good drainage would be best even though they are tolerant of heavy soil if they can dry out. Mostly deciduous in normal winters, a hard freeze will damage their branches. Not to worry, they will recover very quickly in spring with warmer weather.

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