Pineapple Palm (Canary Island Date Palm)

Pineapple Palm (Canary Island Date Palm)

Phoenix canariensis

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  • Also known as Canary Island Date Palm
  • Very durable palm. Cold hardy and loves full sun!
  • Very clean, formal appearance. Common in resorts
  • Wide fronds and trunk can be used to provide shade too!
  • 170,000 PALMS IN STOCK NOW
Pineapple Palm (Canary Island Date Palm)

Canary Island Date Palm

Phoenix canariensis

  • Certified Disease Free!
  • Low maintenance
  • Beautiful tropical shade tree

Canary Island Date Palms, Phoenix canariensis also known as Canary Island Palms and Pineapple Palms are an extremely durable and hardy palm that thrives from the coastal areas of Southern California to the hot Southwestern Deserts. Ours are certified disease free! Canary Island Palms are given the common name Pineapple Palm because of their unique crown. They are known for having a large base with an even larger pineapple shaped crown covered with large arching fronds that can reach 8-12' long.

Canary Island Date Palms have a wide beautifully brown colored trunk accented by their pineapple cut crowns and their deep green, exotic looking fronds, that make this an extremely showy palm and focal point. These are gorgeous when lit up at night and work well by themselves or planted to line walkways, pools, sitting areas, and driveways. Their elegant look is prized not only by business, malls, developers but has quickly become a homeowner favorite.

The Canary Island Palm is a slower grower and once established they are hardy in both heat and cold all while being a very water-wise choice. You can have elegant, tropical and water-wise all in one design. All of our custom grown Canary Island Date Palms are grown only from our best specimens and are available in all sizes, from younger starts to fully grown mature specimens, Moon Valley Nurseries has the exact tree you need.

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