A lush, green lawn is a point of pride for many homeowners. One of the biggest obstacles to a well-manicured lawn is the appearance of weeds cropping up throughout the year. Some commonly offending weeds include dandelion, clover, spurge, oxalis, and thistle species. Once established in your yard, these weeds can easily overtake a lawn and outcompete desired grass species. It is important to treat weeds in your lawn as soon as they are spotted so that they cannot mature and spread seeds across your property.

How to Treat

  1. Prevention – The denser your lawn is, the less room weeds will have to grow! Keeping a thick, healthy lawn through proper watering and fertilization will minimize opportunities for weeds to sprout. Frequent mowing will also keep any weeds in check by cutting them down before they have a chance to mature and spread seeds.
  2. Treatment – Specialty herbicide is required when treating lawn weeds so that the desired grasses are not damaged in the process. Spray the entire lawn area according to label directions as soon as lawn weeds are noticed.
  3. Repair – Once the weeds have been eliminated from your lawn, it’s time for your lawn to fill in the resulting empty patches. Give your lawn the boost it needs to fill in with an application of Super Charged Moon Juice® and Moon Royal® Turf Fertilizer.

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