Leaf Spot


Leaf spot refers to a class of diseases caused by a variety of fungus and bacteria. These diseases affect the surface of the leaves in distinct patches.


Leaf spot is the most prevalent in wet, humid weather environments and affects the upper surface of leaves. You can find spotting on leaves towards the interior of your tree’s canopy. These spots can vary in size, shape, and color. In some cases, fungal spores can be seen in the center of the spots. If allowed to progress, the affected leaves will eventually drop.

How to Treat

  1. Prevention – Fungus grows best in trees and shrubs that are overgrown and overwatered. Keep your plants properly pruned to maximize airflow and follow seasonal watering recommendations—ask your nursery professional for a copy of our watering guides.
  2. Fertilizer – The foundation of a healthy plant is its root system—stimulate root growth and maximize the health of your plants with monthly Super Charged Moon Juice applications. Couple this with routine applications of Moon Valley Nurseries’ Landscape Soil & Water Conditioner to ensure the soil is draining properly and not allowing those fresh roots to sit in stagnant water.
  3. Treatment – Eliminate the fungal infection before it spreads by combining a quick copper treatment with a lasting systemic fungicide. Prune off and discard any heavily infected portions of the plants and keep the foliage dry as best as possible. Always disinfect tools in between cuts and different plants.

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