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Learn our process from start to finish.

*Please do not opt out of email communication. Moon Valley Nurseries will utilize email to follow up before and after your planting day to ensure customer satisfaction.

Before Delivery

Prepare your yard:

It’s crucial that ALL stumps are removed from the planting area(s) before our Planting Crew arrives. They won’t have the necessary equipment for stump removal. If you have a stump that needs to be taken care of, please contact your Nursery Professional about our Removal Services to avoid any potential delays in the installation process.

Make sure MVN-provided flags are in the ground and easy to see.

Remove any extra dirt that may get in the way of plant installations (we do not remove dirt).

Avoid delivery issues:

Measure all gates and doorways that our MVN team will need to use to ensure they fit your purchased items and the team members.

installing them. Consider potential space problems such as A/C units, pools, stairwells, overhangs, and anything else you might have in your yard.

For potted installations, it’s important to note that you, as the customer, are responsible for providing the soil. This is a key part of the preparation process that we rely on you to complete.

Any changes?

Any add-ons to an order MUST be made 48 hours before your delivery day. Reschedules/cancellations MUST be made 48 hours before

Day of Your Delivery

Calling you to confirm your delivery time:

A team member will call you the day before your delivery with a time window. The foreman will call you on your delivery day when they are en route to your home.

Parking and unloading space upon arrival:

Move vehicles from the driveway, parking space, and street in front of the property. Our team will need a clear path from the unloading area to the planting location. Moon Valley Nurseries is not responsible for moving, relocating, or damaging irrigation pipes, underground utility lines, drainage, etc.

Access to the designated areas of your yard:

Be sure to unlock all doors and gates that we will need to use. If you live in a gated community, supply us with any codes needed. Make sure all pets are safely locked up in your home.

Delivery Only Orders:

Delivery-only orders will be placed curbside or in the driveway.

Delivery Completed

Proper Care:

Water properly with Moon Valley Nurseries Moon Juice. Follow the Watering Instructions guide in your invoice folder. Keep tree stakes (installed upon delivery) in for at least one year after your tree has been planted. If needed, we recommend purchasing additional stakes if you are in a high-wind area and keeping those installed until the tree can support itself.

What to Expect:

The mulch well under your tree acts as a watering mechanism. Be sure to fill the mulch well up, as needed, to keep the tree and roots saturated with water. The mulch well will slowly disappear over time (varies by tree size) as the mulch naturally works its way into the soil.

THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING US TO DELIVER YOUR PLANTS! For any additional questions, please call the number provided on your invoice.


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