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  • Infused with Furst® proprietary technology
  • Excellent for all trees and shrubs in desert soils
  • Fast-acting results - Noticeable improvements in about 1 week
  • Easy to apply - Spread on top of soil and water

All trees and plants need Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potash (Potassium) as the primary nutrients for healthy living. Our custom, organic blended Moon Dust® provides these essential elements in a perfect horticultural ratio that will benefit virtually every plant in your landscape. From the largest trees and palms to the smallest shrubs and potted flowers, Moon Dust will feed them all! Moon Dust is ideal for citrus and fruit trees as well!

Healthier trees and plants grow faster, stronger, and flourish with less water. Citrus and fruit trees produce larger and tastier crops. Flowering shrubs have longer and more abundant bloom cycles. Even bedding plants and ground covers thrive and are more vibrant when fed regularly with Moon Dust!

Moon Dust creates fantastic results because it was developed especially for tough, compact, and alkaline soils. Designed for the Southwest, Moon Dust contains optimal amounts of Sulfur and Gypsum, which fight the effects of salts present in the soil and helps break up hard soils. This enables the roots to access the main plant nutrients (N, P, K) much more efficiently. Moon Dust...The #1 All Purpose Fertilizer in the United States!

Easy to use!



I love how many of my plants I can use this product on! Easy to use with great instructions


Hatchet man

We started our landscaping project 5 years ago.. 6 various trees and 10 bottlebrush later we couldn’t be more pleased. Never high pressure sales, advice that addressed our goals combined with excellent installation has turned our yard into a colorful point of pride. We trust everything about Moon!


Bailey P

We have a first year raised bed garden. Went to Moon for help. They suggested we use this product as well as Moon Juice and Soil Conditioner. We've been using all 3 regularly and this is the best garden we've ever had, even with the hot temps we've experienced.



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