Moon Microboost ™ fertilizer


  • Contains Furst proprietary liquid technology
  • Great for all trees, palms, plants & more
  • Vibrant growth in privacy hedges and shade trees for thicker canopies and dense privacy screens
  • The enriched formula helps to boost health, vigor, and performance of all plant material

Our Moon Micro Boost® supplies all of your trees, palms, plants, lawn, and more with a hearty helping of custom-blended plant food and micronutrients. This enriched formula helps to boost the health, vigor, and performance of all plant material while also helping to amend poor soils and allow for higher nutrient uptake in your trees’ and plants’ root systems.

Our Moon Micro Boost® contains Furst®-Class Concentrate, a liquid that stimulates root hair growth in all trees and plants, allowing them to soak up more essential nutrients. Furst Liquid also triggers the growing processes in your plants that cause them to become hardier and more resilient to environmental, disease, or pest-related stressors.

The micronutrients and Furst Liquid in this special formula create full, vibrant growth in privacy hedges and shade trees for thicker canopies and dense privacy screens. Apply this supplement to fruit and citrus trees and increase your crop production while also causing your homegrown fruit to become juicier, more flavorful, and packed with vitamins. Use it on your palm trees to develop thicker fronds as well as to restore any yellowing foliage and watch your landscape become a tropical oasis! Spread Moon Micro Boost® over your grass and watch your lawn become a lush, deep green worthy of an award-winning golf course!

This is an all-season blend that can be used alone or in combination with other fertilizers, supplements, and nutrients all year long. We recommend monthly applications of Moon Microboost® on all of your green materials, including trees, hedges, palms, flowering trees and plants, vegetables, desert plants, cacti, agave, succulents, and more.

You can use Moon Micro Boost® on newly planted trees and plants as well as on mature landscaping. It helps new trees and plants to establish themselves in the yard and develop strong and healthy new growth. Mature trees benefit from the extra boost of micronutrients that aid in creating hardy, disease-resistant trees.

You’ll find that our micronutrient supplement is easy to use. We’ve conveniently placed mixture and application instructions right on the back of the bag and if you ever have any questions about using Moon Micro Boost® on your landscape, our nursery pros are always happy to help out!

If you’ve looked out over your yard and thought your plants just need some kind of boost, then Moon Micro Boost® is the answer. Restore picture-perfect appearance and vitality to your landscape with this custom-tailored all-purpose formula.  

You can find Moon Micro Boost® at any of our Moon Valley Nurseries locations. Stop by, talk to a nursery pro, and allow your yard to benefit from Moon Micro Boost® today!

For instruction to use, visit: https://www.moonvalleynurseries.com/fertilizer-instructions


Impressed Guy

Riviera Beach, FL

I was at Moon Valley Nurseries when they receive this product and I was informed that it was new. Micha explained the benefits of Moon Microboost and how it could help my trees and plant. Three weeks later, man-oh-man. I will be buying more in the future.



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