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  •  Makes water & fertilizer more efficient
  • Breaks up and loosens tough soils
  • Makes natural nutrients more available
  • Helps establish strong root systems

The most difficult aspect of growing trees and plants in the Southwest is the hard, compact soil and the high alkalinity found in our soil and water. This alkaline condition prevents major and minor nutrients from converting into compounds that are readily available to living plant roots. Hard soil also drains very slowly, which can result in wet, soggy soil that harbors damaging fungus and cause overwatering symptoms in your trees and plants.

Landscape Soil Conditioner™ is an inexpensive way to make your normal watering and fertilizer go further. As little as 6 yearly applications will help your plants perform optimally, all while saving you time and money on our natural resources like water. Moon Valley Nurseries Landscape Soil Conditioner­™ contains sulfur and gypsum to counteract salt buildups and loosen tough hard soil. The sulfur reduces the high Ph and allows the excess salt buildup to be flushed out of the root system, thereby creating a soil base that converts nutrition easily. Gypsum works its way into hard, compact clay loosening the soil and leading to better drainage. Several applications per year will make a noticeable difference by loosening hard soil and creating visibly stronger and healthier trees and plants.

Permanently changing the hardest soils may require several applications for a couple of years, but the lasting effects on your landscape are always worth the effort!


Bailey P

Riviera Beach, FL

We have a raised bed garden in our backyard for the first time this summer. We used this when we mended our soil and it worked great. This year we've had the best vegetables we've ever had. The water just seems to work better now than before. We started to use it in our grass as well and our water doesn't sit on top and just flood the area, it actually soaks in!



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