Breath of Heaven Plant.

Breath Of Heaven

Coleonema Pulchellum 'Sunset Gold'

  • Delicate, fragrant foliage enhances sensory appeal
  • Covered in tiny pink flowers in late winter/spring
  • Compact growth, ideal for small spaces and containers
  • Low maintenance and drought-tolerant once established
  • Adds soft, whimsical texture to rock gardens and borders
Full Sun/Partial Sun
Hardiness Zones:
8 - 11
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Add a touch of ethereal beauty to your garden with the Breath Of Heaven plant. Native to South Africa, this delicate, fine-textured shrub is a perfect choice for small to medium-sized yards, patios, and ideal for container planting, thanks to its compact and airy growth habit.

The Breath Of Heaven, scientifically known as Coleonema pulchrum, is celebrated for its soft, needle-like foliage that emits a pleasant, spicy fragrance when brushed. The plant becomes a real showstopper in late winter to early spring, as it gets covered in tiny, star-like pink flowers, creating a cloud of soft color that seems to float above the foliage. This shrub's fine texture and gently arching branches lend a whimsical and soft feel to any landscape setting.

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we take pride in cultivating the highest quality Breath Of Heaven plants. Our expert growing techniques ensure that each plant is healthy, thriving, and ready to bring a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space. We carefully select our specimens, ensuring our Breath Of Heaven plants are among the best available.

Planting Breath Of Heaven in your landscape not only brings a unique aesthetic appeal but also versatility. It's excellent for adding contrast in rock gardens, as part of a mixed border, or as a standalone container plant. With its enchanting appearance and easy-care nature, the Breath Of Heaven is an ideal choice for gardeners looking to create a tranquil and visually stunning garden oasis.

Every time a plant is watered, the soil should be thoroughly saturated to a depth of at least 2 to 3 feet and at least as wide as a tree well. Very slow and deep watering is always recommended. During periods of extreme heat, we advise at least 1 additional time per week of watering for all varieties. For periods of heavy rain (1/2” or more) adjust accordingly by possibly skipping a watering session for that time.



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