Sasanqua Camellia Flowers up close

Sasanqua Camellia

Camellia sasanqua

  • A popular flowering shrub used in many landscapes in the Southern United States
  • Beautiful and colorful flowers bloom throughout the autumn and winter, even in full shade!
  • A great option for growing in pots, training onto a trellis, and growing espaliers
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These colorful vine-like shrubs are a Southern staple widely popular for use across landscapes of any style and theme. The Camellia sasanqua cultivar is a well-known variety for use in yards and gardens of many different designs. They work very well as informal hedges and are a great option for a plant to grow in containers and pots. They can be trained to grow on a trellis and can be used as screens or an excellent espalier. 

The sasanqua varieties of Camellia have dark green leaves with a glossy surface and have dense, bushy foliage. They bloom profusely through the autumn and winter, producing a vibrant show for many months. 

Camellia plants bloom in a wide range of hues from rosy reds and pinks to whites and deep scarlets. The blossoms can be either come in solid colors or have variegated flowers. Camellia shrubs have multi-seasonal flowers, blooming in both the spring and fall, allowing these wonderful shrubs to bring year-round interest to your yard!

Most Camellia varieties bloom and grow very well in partial sun but can also perform notably well in full sun and even full shade, which makes these shrubs one of the best plants to add color to a fully shaded area of your yard or garden.

Camellia shrubs have similar fertilizing needs as many other flowering shrubs. Feed your shrubs with an all-purpose fertilizer such as our Moon Dust™ once a month during the spring and again in the fall. Supplement with extra nutrients from monthly doses of Super Charged Moon Juice™. This will help produce a strong and hardy root system, vigorous green foliage, and abundant coats of flowers. 

Your Camellia plants can take pruning of weak or dead wood to make way for new growth and blooms. We recommend pruning right after the blooming season for best results and to ensure you aren’t unknowingly removing any of your Camellia’s possible flowers. 

We have a large selection of Camellia plants for sale and carry many different Camellia varieties. Come check out our selection today and feel free to ask our nursery pros any questions you may have about caring for your Camellia shrubs, or any other trees and plants in your yard. We’re always happy to help!

Moon Valley Nurseries grows all of our trees, palms, and plants in our local area to ensure that when you plant with us your landscape is guaranteed to grow beautifully for many years to come. Our professional designers and planting teams are ready to make your dream yard a reality, and you get to pick your exact trees and plants from our massive inventory. From our farms to your yard, no one does it better!™

Every time a plant is watered, the soil should be thoroughly saturated to a depth of at least 2 to 3 feet and at least as wide as a tree well. Very slow and deep watering is always recommended. During periods of extreme heat, we advise at least 1 additional time per week of watering for all varieties. For periods of heavy rain (1/2” or more) adjust accordingly by possibly skipping a watering session for that time.



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Sarah C.

Riviera Beach, FL

These Camellia flowers are so pretty! I cant wait to get some <3



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