Leyland Cypress Hedge Row
Leyland Cypress Hedges
Leyland Cypress Close Up

Leyland Cypress

Cupressus leylandii

  • Grows mostly upright and doesn't droop
  • Needs little pruning and is an excellent hedge tree
  • Leyland Cypress grows in partial sun/shade but also loves full sun
  • Drought tolerant
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Leyland Cypress is a fast-growing evergreen tree that can be used to create a beautiful hedge. These trees are vary hardy growing in a variety of soil conditions. Leyland Cypress forms a dense, oval or pyramidal outline. It can be trimmed to create a formal hedge, screen, or windbreak. The foliage of the Leyland Cypress is dark blue-green when mature, soft green when young. Leyland Cypress is great for all landscapes from smaller yards to large-scale landscapes.

Leyland Cypress grows in full sun and is extremely drought tolerant. Privacy and beauty - this evergreen tree has got it all and then some! Of course, if you want to bring instant natural maturity to your site today, we recommend buying as big as you can, and at Moon Valley Nurseries we have the bigger trees available right now!

Every time a plant is watered, the soil should be thoroughly saturated to a depth of at least 2 to 3 feet and at least as wide as a tree well. Very slow and deep watering is always recommended. During periods of extreme heat, we advise at least 1 additional time per week of watering for all varieties. For periods of heavy rain (1/2” or more) adjust accordingly by possibly skipping a watering session for that time.



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Riviera Beach, FL

I lined my entire property with these to keep my privacy from joggers. They do jsut that and more! These smell amazing, especially after it rains. Moon Valley was the only place that had enough in the same size to do the job all at once. Many thanks.



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