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Queen Palm Care Guide

(Syagrus Romanzoffiana ‘Piru’)


Though most people consider a Queen Palm a tree, it is more closely related to grass in structure and growth characteristics. Accordingly, watering requirements and scheduling will similar to those of grass. The biggest mistakes made in watering Queens are not watering often enough and not watering wide enough. Another common mistake is failing to move drip system emitters wider as the tree grows. In many cases where Queen Palms are struggling, the drip emitters are right against the trunk many years after the tree was planted! How often to water Queen Palms will vary somewhat with soil conditions, rainfall, and temperature. Use the following schedule as a guide, but make necessary adjustments based on the above-mentioned variables.

How to Water your Queen Palm

By far, properly applied water is the most important ingredient for the well-being of Queen Palms here in the desert. Queen Palms are tropical-type plants, native to much wetter areas of the world. They can handle the extremes of our desert temperatures but need more water than nature provides. For most palms that don’t appear healthy, lack of properly applied water, combined with nutrient deficiencies is usually the cause. A good rule of thumb is that it’s practically impossible to overwater a Queen Palm, especially during the intense heat of summer months! When applying water, wider is better! As a Queen Palm matures, its roots spread wider, but not much deeper than 18 to 24 inches. So make sure to apply the water wider as your tree grows every year. A good rule of thumb for this is to water an area at least 5 to 6 times as wide as the trunk diameter.

How to Fertilize your Queen Palm

Keeping Queen Palms so healthy has never been this easy! We’ve taken all of the guesswork out of feeding Queen Palms! Our Super Palm Juice® has all of the major & micronutrients to keep palms green & healthy in an easy-to-use liquid format that reaches the roots FAST! Super Palm Juice® is great for all varieties of palm trees, and is an absolute must for your Queen Palms! Only at Moon Valley Nurseries!

How to Trim your Queen Palm

Only remove fronds that hang downward. Simply cut frond about 2”-3” from the trunk using a cut that is parallel to the trunk. During the summer months, it’s common to get some brown tips. It’s okay to just trim off the brown and leave the green portion of the frond. Trimming is usually necessary once or twice a year.

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