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Rusty Fig Tree

Rusty Fig Tree

Ficus rubiginosa

BAR CODE#: 0003774882619
  • Broad, spreading evergreen tree
  • Dense growth habit make it better suited for smaller landscapes
  • Great shade tree that needs little to no maintenance
  • One of the best ficus trees for frost-free environments
Rusty Fig Tree

Rusty Fig Tree

Ficus rubiginosa

  • Other common names include Rusty Leaf Fig Tree, Port Jackson Fig
  • Excellent shade tree or street tree
  • Use them to block unwanted views
  • Dense growth habit makes them well-suited for smaller yards

Rusty Leaf Fig, botanical name Ficus rubiginosa, is an excellent evergreen tree that tolerates salt spray conditions, making it a great choice for a beach home. It is common along Southern California coastal areas from San Diego to San Clement and Malibu, as well as inland. Native to Eastern Australia, this good-looking specimen can grow into a medium to large tree with a crown that can provide a generous amount of shade during those hot and sunny days.

This fast grower is drought tolerant once established and thrives in sun or partial shade environments. It is a great choice for families, where everyone is sure to appreciate the benefits of this tree. Its interesting, open branching makes it a great tree for climbing, hanging a tree swing or simply gazing up at the dense foliage. Its thick gray trunk and bark create a nice color contrast with the green, glossy leaves. Homeowners may want to use landscape lighting to display the interesting features of this tree well into the evening.

Feel free to plant this shade tree for use in a tropical themed landscape. Once established, little to no maintenance is required. The Rusty Leaf Fig makes an attractive focal point tree or can be used to block unwanted views. If you are looking to create more shade, this is the right tree for that. In fact, when planted in a proper location near the side of a home, a Rusty Leaf Fig tree might help cool off a room or two and lower your utility bill! A Moon Valley Nurseries pro is happy to discuss placement ideas. We offer free design consultation at our nurseries that make your landscaping goals a reality!

Rusty Leaf Fig trees are available as single or multi-trunk trees. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer vibrant and healthy trees for sale that are ready to provide instant shade and beauty around your home. We only grow our trees from our premium quality specimens, so we can assure their quality is second to none! Let us do the work! You buy it - we deliver and plant it!

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