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Santa Cruz Pyracantha

Santa Cruz Pyracantha

Pyracantha koidzumii 'Santa Cruz'

  • Clusters of small fragrant white flowers in spring
  • Cold Hardy
  • Bright red berries in winter
  • Full to partial sun
Santa Cruz Pyracantha

Santa Cruz Pyracantha is a medium to large shrub especially noted for its prolific display of red berries in late fall and winter. A bush variety, Santa Cruz can be trimmed as a hedge or shaped. The natural growth pattern is around waist high and twice as wide at maturity.

Pyracantha needs plenty of water the first summer and once established prefers deep infrequent soaking in well-drained soil. Plant in part to full sun.

Pyracantha has thorns ½' long placed behind leaves on the stems. There is an oily residue that will leave no doubt why they are called Firethorn.

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