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Santa Rosa Plum

Santa Rosa Plum

Prunus salicina 'Santa Rosa'

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  • Heat tolerant
  • Ideal for use as a privacy hedge
  • full sun
  • Grow your own fruit!
Santa Rosa Plum
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Santa Rosa Plum

Prunus salicina 'Santa Rosa'

  • Yields an abundant harvest of sweet and juicy fruit every summer
  • Medium size tree ideal for use as a privacy hedge
  • Vigourous, hardy and heat tolerant tree

The Santa Rosa Plum tree yields an abundant harvest of sweet and juicy fruit every summer. These plums feature a dark crimson color and a flavor that's a sure fire winner for your taste buds no matter how you choose to eat them. The fruit has a firm flesh and is often used to make preserves or eating freshly picked off the tree. Growing your own fruit always tastes better and you can grow fruits without the use of pesticides. For best results and higher fruit production, we recommend planting another plum tree nearby. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we take pride in offering the best-quality low chill Santa Rosa Plum trees that produce the sweetest and juiciest fruit in all of Texas! We have them available at their already fruit-producing age!

These Santa Rosa Plum trees are not just prized for their delicious fruit. They can grow to be a medium sized tree, so we also love to plant them for use as a privacy hedge, a border tree, or a specimen in any Houston landscape. It's a deciduous tree with a moderate growth rate. They provide wonderful fall color that complements the green foliage and their springtime blooms feature showy white flowers that enhance any environment. This is a vigorous, hardy and heat tolerant tree that is adaptable to a variety of soils, so it's a great addition to any landscape in Houston. Looks great in yards and is sure to be loved by everyone!

Grow your own Santa Rosa Plums! We are the largest box tree grower in the United States, so you're bound to find just what you need at Moon Valley Nursery! Our professional planting and delivery service will get any sized order planted into your landscape and treated with specialized fertilizers that get your plants growing just right. We love to do the work!

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  1. The Best Plums Ive Had!
    Moon Valley Nurseries carries the best fruit trees. Period. I've had them plant a peach tree, a few citrus including a lemon, lime, naval orange, and a pomegranate. As I've planted my orchard, the guys at Moon Valley have been excellent! But this plum tree is something special, it has produced a large crop its first year and the plums are incredibly juicy and flavorful. More fruit trees are definitely gonna have to be purchased int the future.

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