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Sierra Red Oak

Sierra Red Oak

Quercus canbyi

BAR CODE#: 3774882619
  • Heat and drought tolerant
  • Medium size tree adaptable to many applications
Sierra Red Oak

Sierra Red Oak

Quercus canbyi

  • Other common names Mexican Red Oak, Canby's Red Oak
  • Can grow to be a medium to large size tree
  • Leaves resemble a holly leaf
  • Heat and drought tolerant
  • Ideal for a medium size landscape

The Sierra Red Oak tree is the perfect size for any one that wants an attractive shade tree for smaller yards in Texas. Native to Mexico, where they are found growing in the mountain ranges around Monterrey, they are also known by their botanical name, Quercus canbyi, and their other common names Mexican Red Oak, and Canby's Red Oak. No matter what you call them, these are the beautiful medium to large trees ideal for Houston. When young, they have a pyramidal shape, and as they mature, they develop a broad canopy that provides a good amount of shade. These trees have a naturally neat appearance, with new foliage turning from red to green and back to red again in the fall. If you do not have a large yard but still want a handsome shade tree, Quercus canbyi is the perfect tree for urban landscapes and for any place where space is at a premium!

The best spot in your yard for a Sierra Red Oak tree is one with plenty of full sun exposure. They can grow in almost any soil condition and are drought tolerant once established so that they will require little to moderate water.

These Sierra Red Oak trees have a moderate growth rate, so buy as big as you can if you want the shade and the look of an instant landscape. Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing Quercus canbyi on our farms for decades so that we can assure their quality, no matter which size tree you need. Handpick the trees you want, and we can do all the digging and planting so that they are guaranteed to grow!

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