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Solanum 'Purple Potato Vine'

Solanum 'Purple Potato Vine'

Solanum jasminoides

  • Purple flowers on a medium to large shrub
  • Drought tolerant once established
  • Screening shrub, patio tree or background accent with warm season color
  • Full to partial sun
Solanum 'Purple Potato Vine'

Solanum has attractive light green foliage and produces a steady flow of jasmine looking light purple flowers. A rambling shrub frequently used as a patio tree, it can be trimmed frequently to maintain a formal shape, Solanum blooms cycle quickly after pruning. Semi-deciduous, it will lose most of its leaves in cold winters. Prune back to sturdy branches that support themselves in late January and they will be full and lush by early spring. Plant in the prepared soil for more vigorous growth. Regular applications of Moon Dust will help them stay dark green and bloom prolifically.

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