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Southern Red Oak

Southern Red Oak

Quercus falcata

BAR CODE#: 3774882619
  • Medium size tree adaptable to many applications
  • Low maintenance
Southern Red Oak

Southern Red Oak

Quercus falcata

  • Other common name Spanish Oak
  • An attractive medium to large deciduous tree
  • Sturdy, very low-maintenance tree
  • An excellent shade tree

Southern Red Oak is native to the eastern and south-central U.S., and Quercus falcata (botanical name) is a medium to large tree featuring a wide spreading canopy that provides plenty of shade during those bright and warm months. Red Oak is the type of tree that brings plenty of beauty and interest to any landscape too, without having to do too much for them to thrive! They can adapt and grow fast without a lot of attention and care! The entire family is going to love this tree, especially a larger one, whether as the perfect shade tree for a family picnic or tying a swing or a pi×±ata to the sturdy branches! If you love the change of seasonal color, this is also the tree for you. The glossy green leaves transform to a vibrant red or yellow during the fall, creating a picturesque landscape scene that is sure to add plenty of curbside appeal!

Southern Red Oak trees can live for hundreds of years, so this is a tree that keeps on giving for generations to come. They can thrive just about anywhere and tolerate air pollution, so they are ideal whether you live in a crowded city and want to bring some natural beauty to your surrounding or live in the countryside and are looking for a majestic 'giving tree' for all to enjoy. Buy as big as you can if you want to bring natural maturity to your property today. The good news is that Moon Valley Nursery has been growing and nurturing these stately trees on our farms for over 20 years, and we have them available in a broad range of sizes!

This Southern Red Oak is ready to be professionally planted by the Moon Valley Nursery professional planting team in a spot that gets plenty of full sun exposure. They are drought tolerant, and once established, get by with little to moderate water. This easy to grow tree is ready to add value to your property!

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