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Every plant you will need to create your dream look!

Your guide to trees, plants, palms, succulents, and more for the most popular landscape and garden themes!

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Moon Valley Nurseries Style Guides

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Modern Landscape

Keep up with the times and enjoy a new modern look in your yard. If you are looking for a great landscape in California, these... Learn More

Tropical Landscape

Rewind and go back to your favorite island vacation. Was it Hawaii, the Bahamas, or maybe Bali? You can bring paradise back... Learn More

Spanish Landscape

Imagine yourself sitting out in your backyard, among the flowers and trees, enjoying a glass or bottle of wine (or maybe sangria) and escaping to the Spanish countryside... Learn More

Tuscan Landscape

Imagine yourself sitting out under the big Tuscan sun, among the vines and trees, enjoying a glass or bottle of wine and escaping to the Italian countryside every... Learn More

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