Succulent Care Guide

Succulents including cacti and agave are a favorite from Southern California into the far Southwest of Arizona. The ease of care and maintenance has recently made these on of Moon Valley Nurseries top sellers. If cared for properly, succulents will grow and thrive in nearly all landscape styles.

Selecting The Right Succulents

Succulents can be planted nearly anywhere and grow with ease. Selecting the right succulent for the right sized space will allow your plants to grow healthy and beautiful. Planting in open yards gives you a wide range of options from Yuccas, Euphorbia, Agaves, and cacti. These take full sun in most cases and require little in the way of water. Retaining beds can use a vast variety of small and larger succulents to accent the area, and in pots, be sure to select the right size that will grow well for a long time in that pot. Planting succulents on hillsides, slopes and in retaining walls not only adds beauty and color, but helps with erosion control as well. As always we recommend asking one of our certified nursery pros for help in designing out your succulent area and you can see more choices at

Watering & Fertilzing Care

One of the many reasons that succulents are so popular are their ability to be used in different landscape styles including; waterwise, xeriscape, subtropical, and tropical designs. Succulents, once established can go long dry periods before receiving water, relying on their stores within the actual plant. It is recommended that you water these deeply each time and allow the soil in and around the plant area to dry completely before the next watering. In order to get the most out of your succulents it is recommended that you fertilize monthly with Moon Valley Nurseries Desert Juice during March - October and during the winter months use Super Charged Moon Juice to keep the roots healthy and growing. Learn more about our special blended fertilizers at

Trimming & General Maintenance

Trimming and general maintenance of succulents is pretty easy. Once succulents, cacti or agave’s bloom remove the spent flowers with a clean sharp pruning blade. This will help keep them healthy and growing. You will notice that some of the under leaves of the succulents will begin to brown over time, once this happens that is when you will use your sharp, clean pruning blade to remove these from the underneath leaving the healthy and growing leaves only. For succulents that are going in pots, you can trim these as necessary to control their growth.

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