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Tipuana tipu

BAR CODE#: 0003774882619
  • Fast growing shade tree
  • Shows coat of golden blooms in late Spring
  • Thrives in intense desert heat and cold
  • Great where a high canopy is desired
  • 119,000 TREES IN STOCK NOW


Tipuana tipu

One of, if not the best shade tree you can plant on your property to not only give you great shade but year-round beauty is a Tipu tree. Tipuana tipu, is a fast-growing, colorful flowering medium to large sized tree. From South America, Tipu trees put on a unique show of golden blooms from late spring into early summer that contrast beautifully with its feathery, bright green foliage. It's a showy, semi-evergreen tree with abundant nectar that is sure to attract butterflies and pollinators into your garden. The Tipu tree also features a fissured golden brown bark texture which adds to its showy characteristic.

Tipu trees are drought tolerant once established and will require full sun exposure as well as low to moderate water needs. In the Southwest, especially in the desert, shade can be a lifesaver. Homeowners looking for an attractive shade tree with striking features will love these trees. It makes a great focal point in the front yard and is a useful tree for a patio or terrace too. Have a picnic under a Tipu tree and enjoy the natural beauty and shade that this graceful tree provides.

Feel free to plant a Tipu tree as a feature plant or in a tropical landscape! Homeowners and landscape designers alike are finding that the Tipuana tipu is quite useful in a wide range of landscape designs.

Though these trees grow quickly, we recommend buying as big as you can for instant shade and curb appeal! At Moon Valley Nurseries we grow and nurture the finest Tipu trees for sale, ready to thrive and bring the shade and beauty you want in your landscape! Feel free to so speak with our nursery professional for placement ideas.

Visit one of our huge nursery locations and witness this beautiful tree for yourself. Be sure to plant with Moon Valley Nurseries brand Fertilizers and Nutrients for spectacular results!

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