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    California Pepper

    Schinus molle

    This large evergreen tree provides the incredible weeping appearance of a traditional Weeping Willow. It's a...

    Nellie Stevens Holly

    Ilex x 'Nellie R. Stevens'

    Nellie Stevens Holly is ideal for use as a solid privacy hedge, security barrier or windbreak. Plant them...

    Bur Oak

    Quercus macrocapra

    Big Bur Oak trees are great for blocking unwanted views, providing shade and adding privacy to your home....

    Mexican Oak

    Quercus polymorpha

    Also known as the Monterrey Oak, it's a fast growing tree that can grow large with a spreading canopy that...

    Sierra Red Oak

    Quercus canbyi

    The Sierra Red Oak tree is the perfect size for any one that wants an attractive shade tree for smaller yards...

    Nuttall Oak

    Quercus nutallii

    Nuttall Oak establish quickly. A beautiful pyramidal-shaped shade tree in the summer with leaves turning to a...

    Southern Red Oak

    Quercus falcata

    Southern Red Oak is a medium to large tree with a wide spreading canopy that provides plenty of shade. Easy...

    Water Oak

    Quercus nigra

    This hardy native North American shade tree is a fast grower. It thrives in diverse soil conditions and is...

    Magnolia 'D.D. Blanchard'

    Magnolia grandiflora 'D.D. Blanchard'

    Magnolia trees add big color and shade anywhere they're planted. Bring a unique and tropical look to your...

    Japanese Blueberry

    Elaeocarpus decipiens

    Sought after for the thick, hardy canopies they grow that are highly resistant to the elements. A dependable...

    Fruitless Olive

    Olea europaea 'Wilsonii'

    Fruitless Olive trees produce large amounts of shade to any area, grow to be a hardy medium size and...

    Live Oak

    Quercus virginiana

    The Live Oak is a large evergreen shade tree noted for its beauty and extreme drought tolerance. A family...

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