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    Bartlett Pear

    Pyrus communis 'Bartlett'

    The quintessential pear flavor that is the standard by which all other pears are measured. Produces large,...

    Wichita Pecan Tree

    Carya illinoinensis

    The Pecan tree is a Texas favorite! This large deciduous tree can produce a huge canopy of shade and mature...

    Ponderosa Lemon

    Citrus limon x medica

    This novelty bears large lemons with thick, coarse skin and a mild lemony flavor that makes them ideal for...

    Buddha's Hand

    Citrus medica var. sarcodactylis

    Buddha's Hand is a showy citrus tree bearing unique-looking fruit that is perfect for making candied citrus...

    Australian Finger Lime

    Citrus australasica

    An unusual variety of citrus and perhaps one of the most fascinating. Oblong fruit with juicy capsules...

    Banana Palm

    Musaceae spp.

    One of the most popular palm trees around the world noted for its fruit. Banana Palms are an excellent...

    Mexican Plum

    Prunus mexicana

    The Mexican Plum is a flowering tree or ornamental tree ideal for all types of residential landscapes....

    Hamlin Sweet Orange Tree

    Citrus sinensis 'Hamlin'

    Excellent eating or juicing orange. Hardy and very productive in the Houston Area. Few to no seeds.

    Gold Kist Apricot

    Prunus armeniaca 'Gold Kist'

    The best backyard apricot for warm winter climates.

    Royal Blenheim Apricot

    Prunus amerniaca 'Blenheim'

    Royal Blenheim Apricots are considered to be the most succulent and flavorful fruits. A fast-producer. Begin...

    Calamondin Orange

    Citrofortunella mitis

    Calamondin is an attractive landscape tree and one that bears a Mandarin-like orange that is an excellent...

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