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    Royal Lee Cherry

    Prunus avium ‘Royal Lee’

    This newer, ultra-sweet yet delicious cherry requires very low winter cooling and is ideal for reliable...

    Minnie Royal Cherry

    Prunus avium 'Minnie Royal

    This medium to large-sized, extra flavorful cherry requires minimal winter cooling and is ideal for reliable...

    Aprium Flavor Delight

    Prunus Aprium ‘Flavor Delight’

    This amazing and unique fruit is an "interspecific apricot" meaning though it looks mostly like an apricot,...

    Oro Blanco Grapefruit

    Citrus x paradise 'Oro Blanco'

    Oro Blanco Grapefruit is sweeter than other varieties, in fact, they have a mild and sweet flavor. Fragrant...

    Rio Red Grapefruit

    Citrus x paradisi 'Rio Red'

    Rio Red Grapefruit trees produce the super-juicy fruit with deep red flesh and an excellent sweet-like...


    Citrus × tangelo

    Out of this world taste is the only way to describe the Tangelo. A tangerine and grapefruit hybrid, it's full...

    White Grapefruit

    Citrus × paradisi

    Super sweet and low seed count makes the White Grapefruit one many homeowners like to plant.

    Chandler Red Pummelo

    Citrus maxima 'Chandler'

    Produce a grapefruit-like fruit with red, fleshy slices that are full of sweet and juicy flavor. Attractive...

    Cocktail Grapefruit

    Citrus x paradise ‘Cocktail’

    Actually, a hybrid of Mandarin cultivar and Pumelo, the Cocktail Grapefruit also goes by the name...

    Nut Trees

    Citrus x latifolia

    A fantastic addition to any landscape. Moon Valley Nurseries carries a great selection of nuts from Pecans to...

    All in One Almond Tree

    Prunus dulcis ‘all in one’

    This self-fertile Almond cultivar is ideal for production in nearly all home landscapes.

    Granny Smith Apple

    Malus domestica 'Granny Smith'

    Initially from New Zealand, this apple thrives in our warmer climate. The fruit is medium-sized but prolific...

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