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    Dalbergia sissoo

    Drought tolerant, large shade-providing tree with bright green foliage. Sissoo has an Aspen-like look and...

    Willow Acacia

    Acacia salicina

    Unique silver-blue leaves with a slightly weeping appearance make this tree useful for many landscape styles.

    Berrinda Ash

    Fraxinus velutina 'Berrinda'

    The Berrinda Ash grows to a near perfect+Y132:Y135 shape with little to no maintenance and provides a dense...

    Modesto Ash

    Fraxinus velutina 'Modesto'

    This ash variety is very popular because of its bright golden color in the fall. It is one of the fastest...

    Acacia Bailey

    Acacia baileyana

    A beautiful, drought tolerant, easy-to-care-for tree with green, feather-like foliage that grows out like an...

    Blue Gum

    Eucalyptus globulus

    Blue Gum eucalyptus tree grows fast with beautiful fragrant foliage. Makes an excellent windbreak and shade...

    Bonita Ash

    Fraxinus velutina 'Bonita'

    If you're looking for an excellent shade tree with lots of beauty, the Bonita Ash tree is it!

    Red Maple

    Acer rubrum 'Autumn Blaze'

    This fast-growing shade provider establishes a large presence on any landscape and is especially stunning...

    Chinquapin Oak

    Quercus muehlenbergii

    These trees are well adapted to many soils, growing in harsh limestone conditions to clay soil types.

    Chinese Flame Tree

    Koelreuteria bipinnata

    Flame trees are easy to grow, adapt to most soils, and make the perfect addition as a shade tree in just...

    Australian Bottle

    Brachychiton populneus

    A hardy evergreen shade tree known for its distinctive canopy shape with bright green leaves. Drought...

    Chinese Pistache

    Pistacia chinensis

    Chinese Pistache are becoming increasingly popular in landscapes because of their distinctive fall color....

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