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    Pindo Palm

    Butia capitata

    Interesting palm, easily recognized by its striking silver-green, graceful, arching fronds. One of the...

    Foxtail Palm

    Wodyetia bifurcata

    A tropical show stopper, the Foxtail Palm has one of the most unique and spectacular foliage displays of all...

    Mexican Blue Palm

    Brahea armata

    A very rare palm, originally native to the Baja California Peninsula. Extremely well adapted for just about...

    Sabal Palm

    Sabal palmetto

    Sabal palms can be used in a wide variety of landscape styles from tropical and sub-tropical to Mediterranean...

    Chinese Fan Palm

    Livistona chinensis

    Wide-spreading crown, with drooping, weeping fronds. We love to plant them as a lush, tropical hedge. Blends...

    Areca Palm

    Dypsis lutescens

    Areca Palms can be used indoors as a beautiful and efficient indoor humidifier. Also, a great choice as...

    Madagascar Palm

    Pachypodium lamerei

    Sure to be a conversation starter, this unique-looking beauty is actually an easy-to-grow, semi-succulent...

    Bismarck Palm

    Bismarckia nobilis

    Bismarck Palms produce a very large and wide reaching frond with a blue-green tint for a unique look...

    Cardboard Palm

    Zamia furfuracea

    A cycad with a broad range of uses. Can be used outdoors in groups for a dramatic tropical effect or as a...

    Bamboo Palm

    Chamaedorea seifrizii

    Bamboo Palms are small and form dense clusters of dark green fronds that can block unwanted views in style!...

    Cat Palm

    Chamaedorea cataractarum

    Cat Palm can be used as a beautiful backdrop to other tropical plants. An excellent choice for a low hedge or...

    Coconut Queen Palm

    Syagrus romanzoffiana X schoffel

    Combines the gracefulness of the Kentia, with the vigor of Queen Palm. Coconut Queen Palm is perfect for...

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