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    Fan Tex Ash Specimen

    Fraxinus velutina 'Fan Tex'

    Slightly rounded in shape and a little smaller than the Shamel ash, this shade tree is perfect for almost any...

    Specimen Trees

    Jacaranda Specimen

    Jacaranda mimosifolia

    The Jacaranda tree is a beautiful, large, and great-for-climbing shade tree grown and nurtured at Moon Valley...

    Specimen Trees

    Shamel Ash Specimen

    Fraxinus udhei

    This is the number one selling ash variety that we carry. It's big, has a perfect shape, and grows extremely...

    Specimen Trees

    Berrinda Ash Specimen

    Fraxinus velutina 'Berrinda'

    The Berrinda Ash grows to a near perfect shape with little to no maintenance and provides a dense cooling...

    Specimen Trees

    Raywood Ash Specimen

    Fraxinus oxycarpa

    This is the darkest green of all the Ash varieties available. During the fall this tree is dominated by a...

    Specimen Trees

    Cedar Elm

    Ulmus crassifolia

    Cedar Elm is one of the native Texas trees that can survive in difficult soil types with little care. An...

    Trees of Winter

    Mexican Oak

    Quercus polymorpha

    Also known as the Monterrey Oak, it's a fast growing tree that can grow large with a spreading canopy that...

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