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Twisted Myrtle

Twisted Myrtle

Myrtus communis ‘Boetica’

  • Medium to large shrub use as hedge, character accent and in large containers as focal point
  • Very unique branching structure creates interest
  • Full sun
  • Cold Hardy
Twisted Myrtle

Twisted Myrtle is a very versatile shrub with rich green foliage that hugs a twisting branch structure. By trimming to shape it is useful as a hedge, large screen or foundation planting. The best use of this interesting plant might be to let it grow into a specimen sized focal point, accent or large container plant. The twisting branch structure develops a lot of character with maturing size. We have seen this plant trimmed as a topiary and it is very successful with creative pruning. Plant in full to part sun in soil with good drainage. Deep infrequent watering after becoming established will build strong roots.

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